Manufacturers Represented in Ohio

Miller Energy represents and distributes the following lines in Ohio.

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Level and Flow Controls

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Orion Instruments
Mag Gauges, Magnetostrictive Level Controls, Magnetic Level Gauges

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Brooks Instrument
Coriolis Mass Flow Controller, Vaporization Products, Thermal Mass Flow Controllers, Variable Area Flow Meters

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Sight glasses, lights, cameras, and particle sizing systems.

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Fox Thermal
Thermal mass flow meters.

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Thermo Orion
Process Analytical Systems and Equipment

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High-value flow meters and controls.

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Ultrasonic instrumentation.

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Anderson Greenwood
Pressure-Relief Valves, Instrumentation Valves, Safety Selector Valves, and Tank Protection Products.

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Pressure Gauges, Meters, Displays, Thermowells.

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PR Electronics
Temperature transmitters and sensors.

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Universal Flow Monitors
Variable area flow switches, indicators, meters, and transmitters.

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Moisture Measurement Instrumentation

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Measurement and control of temperature, pressure, flow, and motion.

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Vaisala K-Patents
Process Refractometers.

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Oxygen Analyzers, Process Photometers, Gas Analyzers, Moisture Analyzers.

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Analyzers, probes and sensors for water and wastewater.

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Crane Duo-Chek
Wafer, Lug, Double Flanged and Extended Body Check Valves.

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Liquid Turbine Flow Meters for Liquids & Gases

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Flow measurement products.

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Centerline Flowseal
Resilient Seated (Center Line) and High Performance (Flowseal) Butterfly Valves.

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HMI touch panels, LCD displays, Counters/timers/rate meters

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Schubert & Salzer
Highly precise control and stop valves.

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Differential pressure gauges/switches.

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3M Gass and Flame
Gas Detection

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Thermocouples, RTDs, Thermowells.

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HART Modems, BEPCO Purging and Pressurization, Corrosion Detection

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AMETEK US Gauge, AMETEK Dixson, AMETEK Mansfield & Green

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Precision Digital
Digital Panel Meters, Indicators, Displays

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Latest News

September 1, 2021  - Miller Energy is pleased to announce that we have completed the acquisition of Applied Analytics - a premier Representative and Distributor of Instrumentation and Controls to the municipal market from Metro NYC to Maryland. Please welcome Jim Armstrong, Vince Mazza, Ken Zawacki, Danylo Bilynskyj, and Michael Reilly to the Miller Energy family. 

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