United Electric One Series Safety Transmitter

UEC One Series

The One Series Safety Transmitter is a transmitter-switch for monitoring pressure or temperature and meets the requirements of SIL 2 for random integrity at HFT = 0, SIL 3 for random integrity at HFT = 1 and SIL 3 for systematic capability. The One Series Safety Transmitter incorporates UE’s patented IAW self diagnostics, redundant and diverse signal processing and software algorithms to detect abnormalities in the process and internal faults. The design is based on a powerful microprocessor that provides an extremely fast response time for emergency shutdown situations.

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  • Digital process display
  • Programmable set point and deadband
  • Self-diagnostic solid-state digital electronics
  • Plug port detection
  • Adjustable nuisance trip dampening
  • Configurable IAW® self-diagnostics
  • Min/Max process values memory
  • 3-year warranty
  • Provide a SFF = 98.8
UEC One Series

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