Data Acquisition Products

Miller Energy Dat Acquisition Products

Achieving operational excellence utilizing integrated process control and data acquisition systems throughout the plant has become a reality. Integration of data systems across plant-wide platforms allows engineers and operators the ability to recognize the performance characteristics of every process, and therefore better understand the efficiency in which it operates.

Miller Energy specifies, sells and supports data acquisition systems that provide reliable, cost-effective real-time monitoring, management and process control. Miller Energy will help you record and transfer data between devices, systems and networks reliably, accurately and efficiently. A Miller Energy Applications Specialist is always available to assist you with any data acquisition requirement.

Data Acquisition Product Range:

  • Paperless Recorders
  • Touch Screen GX10/GX20
  • Button Operated DX1000/DX2000
  • DX1000T/DX2000T
  • Removable Chassis DX1000N
  • Value Series FX1000
  • Extended Chassis DX3000
  • Compact DX364
  • GX70SM Wireless Input Unit for SMART 920


  • SmartReader Plus (SRP) Series
  • OWL Series
  • SmartButton
  • JR-2000
  • Nautilus Series
  • TRH-1000

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