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UE Pressure and Temperature ControlsUE Champion DistributorMiller Energy is a Champion Distributor for United Electric Controls.

United Electric Controls has more than 80 years of proven experience providing rugged pressure and temperature electromechnical and electronic switches and transmitters to Chemical & PetroChemical, Power, Water & Wastewater and Oil & Gas industries, as well as many challenging OEM applications. 

UE pressure switches, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, temperature switches and temperature sensors are designed for rugged, industrial environments. Most products carry third party approvals such as UL, cUL, CSA, FM and ATEX, and comply with CE.

Temperature sensors employ a variety of technologies including Thermocouple, RTD, Thermistor and Temperature Sensitive IC. A wide array of standard packages are available. Custom packages are routinely developed to suit specific applications.

UE Product Selector

Use the United Electric Product Selector to help choose the right product for your application.


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